Full Range Air Purification & Dehumidification System, Purifies Heavily Contaminated Environments While Controlling Humidity in Pet Shelters, Animal Hospitals, Pet Day Cares, and Animal Housing Facilities

  • EASY TO OPERATE SYSTEM- Set desired humidity, monitor filters, and forget it!
  • Humidity Control-XD-125 Dehumidifier extracts up to 125 Pints of Water per Day and Auto Drains through 20 FT Hose which can pump 15 ft. vertically
  • Captures ODOR! – 4 Stage Filtration System containing a High Capture HEPA Filter to capture harmful micro particulates, an Oversized Carbon Filter for Odor Control, and 2 Nylon Washable Filters for airborne Pet Dander, Fur, and Hair, both large and small
  • Energy Efficient– This Combined System Draws only a Low 10 Amps and has an outstanding reputation for motor reliability
  • No Clogs! –15 Ft. Ducting Hose Connects Air Scrubber to the Dehumidifier to keep the Dehumidifier from downtime and costly maintenance
  • ETL/CETL SAFETY CERTIFIED– As a responsible manufacturer, XPOWER insists on certification to protect hardworking groomers and equipment owners from both physical as well as financial liabilities


  • 1 x XPOWER X-3580 Air Purifier/Scrubber
  • 1 x XPOWER 8DH15 Ducting Hose
  • 1 x XPOWER XD-125 Commercial Dehumidifier
  • 1 x XPOWER ASK125 Ducting Adapter